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G Suite Integration

G suite apps are filled with reliable and productive features, it also helps your team stay organized and collaborate fast and instantly anytime. customizes, deploys and provides the tools and accessibility options that employees and business leaders require. Use Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and many more apps to complete your work.

  • Gmail - Run your business, not your email server.
  • Calendar - Quickly share dates to your meeting.
  • Drive - Easily store, sync, and share your documents, and more.
  • Hangout - Quickly and easily setup calls with colleagues and clients.
  • Google+ - Google+ for Business is a social media network for your enterprise.
  • Vault - Vault allows archives and E-discovery for G Suite.

Google Apps Script has built various Google Apps Scripts to enhance the G Suite experience. Since each client has different requirements, Custom Apps Scripts are built for our clients.It allows you to easily automate tasks with Google Apps and other third-party services and also eliminates both the need to deploy applications as well as the requirement to host a client server.

  • Compute Engine - We bring you the power of compute engine, app engine and BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform. Experience world-class cloud services and convenience at affordable rates.
  • GCP - With Google Cloud Platform, your business can make use of the powerful infrastructure, data analytics and machine computing power that Google offers. Designed for enterprises, it's encrypted, secure and customizable, i.e., it be optimized to meet your specific needs.

Google Cloud Platform team can create better business solutions with the help of google cloud platform, business clouds can be very sensitive as all data are highly important and needs anytime the business people need.We provide expertise in the following:

  • Compute Engine – Setup your virtual machine (VM) on Google’s infrastructure. Get outstanding performance and security within your budget with custom VMs.
  • App Engine – Build a scalable web or mobile app without the need to health check or balance load. The servers have an automated load balancing. All you have to do is upload the code and run it.
  • Cloud Storage – Allows developers and enterprises to store static files easily. It includes features such as data analytics, data archival and live data serving.
  • BigQuery – Analyze petabytes of enterprise data with SQL and tweak your business strategies. Supports real-time data analysis in a secure environment that can process Big Data in minutes.

Mobile Device Management is specialized in deploying Android for Work. Dedicated Work Profiles are set-up with built-in security, management and application support. Android for Work can be deployed on devices powered by Lollipop and above. It makes your favourite smartphone or tablet the perfect business tool.

  • Control Data and Privacy – Remote wipe in case of loss/theft and privacy for personal data puts you in control of your corporate data at all times.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Implementing a BYOD policy made to work with ‘Android’.
  • Separate Work and Personal Apps – Work App Badges help segregate office applications from personal applications.
  • Simplified Data Security – Get data security, data proliferation and data recovery, all-in-one.
  • Use Built-in Business Apps – Google’s suite of productivity apps comes pre-installed and is easy to use.
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